October Tax Time

Dear Clients

We simply inform, that we counting days to end of October and calculating Tax Returns.

If you are not ready please sorting your papers and find all documents – especially expenses documents 🙂

We wish advise you that Revenue calculating the interest for sending late Income Tax Returns.

Don’t waste your money – make your Tax Return on time!


July/August 2017

Dear Sir or Madam

As every year as a holiday time we recommended the promotion for new businesses 150/150.

The opening a new company is 150 Euro (+ 23% VAT) and the first settlement in January (connection for 2017) also 150 euro (+ 23% VAT).

Best Regards
Joanna Accounting Services team

Wakacyjna promocja

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary we would like to thank you for the trust you have given us over the past years.

In connection with our birthday we also prepared small SURPRISES in June:

- Every customer who will calculate the annual tax return for 2016 will receive a Voucher with a 50% discount for annual return in 2017

And 50-procent-taniej 2

- Each customer who comes to the consultation will receive a Voucher with a 50% discount on other services made in June.

Best Regards
Joanna Accounting Services team

March 2017

Dear Customers

We wish to remind you about promotional price Euro 300 + VAT for Income Tax Return 2016 is valid until 31st March 2017.

If you wish to take a part of the promotion you need to provide the FULL set of documents for settlement and make a full payment by 31st March 2017.

In connection with the changes in Revenue, we offer you registration in PAYEAnytime Revenue System, review of tax credits and review last 4 years tax paid for euro 20 in March only.

February 2017


BUSINESS PLAN is our special offer for all clients in February.
The cost of a full business plan is euro 185. Offer valid until 28.02.2017 only.

In connection with the changes in Revenue we prepared a new service:
Registration and amending of tax credits in Revenue on-line system.
The cost of the entire registration process and change is euro 25.

Best Regards
Joanna Accounting Services Team

10th Anniversary

Dear Clients

2017 will be a special year for us because we have started our business adventure in Ireland 10 years ago.

Therefore, we encourage you to follow our part because we expect a lot of surprises for our current and future customers.

Be in touch with us 🙂

Your sincerely
Joanna Accounting Services Team

Income Tax 2016

Dear Customers

Promotional price Euro 300 + VAT this year is valid until 31st March 2017 .

If you wish to take part of the promotion you need to provide FULL set of documents for settlement and make a full payment before 31st March 2017 .

For the record the necessary documents for the preparation of the annual declaration of Income Tax 2016 are:

  • sales documents
    (sales invoices, purchases invoices, receipts, any kind of sales records in Excel/notebooks/copy books/calendars, etc.)
  • purchases documents
    (purchases invoices, receipts, bills, loan fees, firm/car/building insurance, private Medical Insurance)
  • bank statements of all accounts that you or/and spouse possess (including savings accounts or credit cards)
  • P45, P60, if you or/and your spouse worked in another company as employee
  • Certificates of Social Welfare or/and the Health Center if you or/and spouse have been receiving any grants or allowances/benefits
  • Landlord’s name and PPS from a place that you rent as your place of residence
  • Household bills eg gas, electricity, waste, cable, telephone, internet etc
  • Medical expenses eg GP’s receipts, hospital, pharmacy, dental practice etc
  • Any other costs that may be regarded as a legitimate business expense.

The documents, please provide in person or by mail to the following address:

20 Crescent Court House, Mulcair Road, Raheen, Limerick

If you have any queries please contact us by email: contact@joanna-accounting.ie

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