March 2017

Dear Customers

We wish to remind you about promotional price Euro 300 + VAT for Income Tax Return 2016 is valid until 31st March 2017.

If you wish to take a part of the promotion you need to provide the FULL set of documents for settlement and make a full payment by 31st March 2017.

In connection with the changes in Revenue, we offer you registration in PAYEAnytime Revenue System, review of tax credits and review last 4 years tax paid for euro 20 in March only.

February 2017


BUSINESS PLAN is our special offer for all clients in February.
The cost of a full business plan is euro 185. Offer valid until 28.02.2017 only.

In connection with the changes in Revenue we prepared a new service:
Registration and amending of tax credits in Revenue on-line system.
The cost of the entire registration process and change is euro 25.

Best Regards
Joanna Accounting Services Team

10th Anniversary

Dear Clients

2017 will be a special year for us because we have started our business adventure in Ireland 10 years ago.

Therefore, we encourage you to follow our part because we expect a lot of surprises for our current and future customers.

Be in touch with us ­čÖé

Your sincerely
Joanna Accounting Services Team

Income Tax 2016

Dear Customers

Promotional price Euro 300 + VAT this year is valid until 31st March 2017 .

If you wish to take part of the promotion you need to provide FULL set of documents for settlement and make a full payment before 31st March 2017 .

For the record the necessary documents for the preparation of the annual declaration of Income Tax 2016 are:

  • sales documents
    (sales invoices, purchases invoices, receipts, any kind of sales records in Excel/notebooks/copy books/calendars, etc.)
  • purchases documents
    (purchases invoices, receipts, bills, loan fees, firm/car/building insurance, private Medical Insurance)
  • bank statements of all accounts that you or/and spouse possess (including savings accounts or credit cards)
  • P45, P60, if you or/and your spouse worked in another company as employee
  • Certificates of Social Welfare or/and the Health Center if you or/and spouse have been receiving any grants or allowances/benefits
  • Landlord’s name and PPS from a place that you rent as your place of residence
  • Household bills eg gas, electricity, waste, cable, telephone, internet etc
  • Medical expenses eg GP’s receipts, hospital, pharmacy, dental practice etc
  • Any other costs that may be regarded as a legitimate business expense.

The documents, please provide in person or by mail to the following address:

20 Crescent Court House, Mulcair Road, Raheen, Limerick

If you have any queries please contact us by email:

Kompleksowa obsługa firm i spółek w zakresie rozliczeń podatkowych, pracowników oraz doradztwo finansowe